KCEO & Marlboro College

Marin’s influence of hope and community education has come to include Marlboro College of Vermont, USA as part of its family, an affiliation that the institution of Marlboro is likewise honored to maintain.


Marlboro College in Vermont, USA

This website and other programming is provided as a collaboration between Marlboro College faculty, staff and students and the Khmer Children’s Educational Organization. The participants of the cross-cultural experiential learning trips to Cambodia greatly appreciate our Cambodian host community and school. The cooperative work began with a trip to Cambodia in 2008, led by Marlboro professors Cathy Osman and Timothy Segar, and ideally will continue indefinitely for the benefit of all involved. We look forward to exploring future community engagement trips, internship opportunities, and applications for establishing greater cross-cultural awareness among our students, Marlboro and KCEO alike.

KCEO’s website is maintained by current student Matthew N. Czuba in collaboration with Visual Arts professors John Willis, Professor of Photography, Cathy Osman, Professor of Painting, and Timothy Segar, Professor of Sculpture.
We also extend many thanks to the generous services of dreamhost.com that make our online presence possible.